Pushover is a fun puzzle game originally published by Ocean in 1992. In this game you control an ant that can walk along platforms that are connected with ladders. On those platforms are dominoes that need to fall according to some rules.

  • All dominoes must fall and none must crash into another
  • One special domino must fall as last domino and that domino triggers the exit door to open when you enter the exit door the level has been completed
  • You may rearrange as many dominoes as you want, except for the trigger. You may not place dominoes in front of the doors, except for the vanishing domino.
  • You may push push once to start a chain reaction with the dominoes leading to the fall of all of them
  • All this has to be done within a time limit (which is normally generous)
  • There are 11 different dominoes that behave differently when pushed, some fall, some not, some wait a bit before they fall, some raise, some toppler until they meet an obstacle
  • There is a help in the game and introductory levels that show how all the dominoes work
What you find on this web page is a faithful reimplementation of the original game. Although we removed the original password scheme as it will not work on an open source game. We also started assing new functionalities and new domino types used in some new levels.

Right now the game uses reformatted graphics for some of the themes and we already have updated graphics for other themes. We are in the process of replacing them with new high resolution graphics.

Below are some screenshots of the game

This image shows the main menu in the russian translation after starting the game

This image shows a typical level while the dominoes are falling

Another level with the graphics from the original Pushover game and our new graphics for comparison

The help window when opend in a level helps identifying the different domino types


Latest versions
Source (for all systems, as long as you get it compiled)


Windows Binary (in zip archive)



Future plans for the game include:
  • Level editor
  • New puzzles
  • Replace original graphics: started
  • Include music: started



Version 0.0.5 brings a a few little improvements

  • new Swedish and Esperanto translation and updated French translation many thanks to the translators
  • AROS support inside the code
  • minor usability improvements in the menu sytem
  • slightly lower requirements on libpng and lua versions

Version 0.0.4 brings a pile of new usability enhancements....

  • profiles so that more than one player can play the game on the same computer using the same account
  • 2 solve states. When a level is solved not meeting the time constraint it still gets marked as solved, but with a different marker
  • speed-up the fade-in animation when a level is started
  • new type of domino: counter blocker, but with no levels using it, yet
  • mission and level names are now translated

...general improvements...

  • Italian translation (we have up to date translations for Czech, German, Spanish and Italian and incomplete translations for French and Russian)
  • 3 new music pieces (only one theme music and a title music is now missing)
  • expect for a proper level solution that dominoes don't lean against a step this makes level 64 harder, enforced level 64 to play again by removing a useless ladder
  • new type of domino: counter blocker, but with no levels using it, yet
  • improved help window, better suited for translation and improved texts for the dominoes
  • a few new levels in A&V

...and bug fixes

  • fix to the background images of 3 dungeon levels
  • pushover can now quit using the window close button on the window header
  • fixes to typos
  • support lua 5.2

We are in the process of registering Pushover with the Translation Project. So if you want to help translating Pushover you are welcome to join the project.

Also we are still looking for an artist that can repaint the ant... this seems to be not for the faint of heart as we did have 3 different artists asking for the information but none of them returned with any results. So if you feel keen mail us.


Version 0.0.3 has been released. Well Pushover is slowly but it is progressing. The highlights of this new release are:

  • New graphics for dungeon, toxcity and electronic theme, new graphics for menu boxes
  • French and Spanish translation
  • 2 New stones and some new levels for them

Version 0.0.2 has been released. This release features internationalisation (translations for German are complete, Russian and Czech translations are available but incomplete), graphic replacements for 4 out of 9 themes, original music for 5 out of 9 themes.

We also created 6 new levels in the A&V levelset.

There are some small fixes to the game mechanics that makes the game behave nearly identical to the original

I hopefully fixed an endian problem with the graphics loader

We still need an artist that can recreate the graphics for the ant. So if you think that that could be fun to do, please contact me. I have prepared everything to make it as easy as possible.

Also if you want to translate the texts of Pushover you can contact me. We are using the FreeSans true type font. So as long as you use only glyphs within that font (and stay with left to right writing) there is no problem. If you want right to left text I will need your assistance to program that.


Version 0.0.1 the original release was missing some level files. Those missing files made the program stop with an error. I've added the missing files and re-uploaded the archives. Please download again


Version 0.0.1 of Pushover released. The first public release of the game. You can play all the original levels. Sound effects are in place. The original graphics have been converted and included. Replacement graphics for the dominoes exist. There are a few small fixes when compared to the original, for example level 49 from the original offered a probably not intended solution. We've also prepared some new levels. They were designed by Volker and I have been the tester and sometimes provided an idea.

So have fun playing and remembering the old times


You can make bug reports and feature requests on the project page. If you have bug reports or improvements please add them to the tracker on the project page.

If you want to contact me personally mail to my sourceforge adress: roever at users dot sourceforge dot net


The repositories are available at github page.


I want to thank the developers of the original game for making such a nice little game.

I also want to thank Volker his help with the project, Roberto for his music and Harald for his graphics